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FuseSign + Xero Practice Manager


Sync your contacts from Xero Practice Manager directly into your FuseSign account.

Synced contacts use XPM as your single source of truth – reducing errors and avoiding duplication of data.

Start your 14 day trial of FuseSign and start sending documents for digital signing within minutes.

No costly Enterprise plans – FuseSign’s integrations are unlocked for $98 a month on our Business Lite plan – no individual user pricing.

Unlock a whole range of integrations, including FYI, BGL (CAS360 and SimpleFund 360), Acis, ChangeGPS and give your clients a superior signing experience across all documents.

* All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD)

Start your 14-day FREE trial

About FuseSign

FuseSign is a digital signature platform like no other. Made by accountants for accountants, it is purpose-built for Accountants and, coupled with XPM, is an affordable and feature-rich solution with a superior client experience.

Intuitive and easy to use, you can send multiple documents to multiple recipients and have them signed and returned to you within minutes, all for the price of a stamp. FuseSign's high-security protocols include a complete audit trail and authentication, making it legally binding for a wide range of signature requirements. Designed, built and hosted in Australia, your data is always secure, with a friendly Helpdesk team located at FuseSign HQ in Brisbane.


Why do Accountants prefer FuseSign?

FuseSign is the leader in Digital Signing for Accounting practices. Here is why: 

Features FuseSign Others
Fair transparent pricing, no hidden costs check-mark Undisclosed fees might incur
Granular control over documents and recipients check-mark close
Made by Accountants for Accountants check-mark close
Unlimited users at no extra costs check-mark close
Mobile friendly and 2-Factor authentication check-mark Rarely
Australian made and owned with data stored in Australia check-mark Rarely

Ready to get started?

  • With a 14-day free trial on offer.
  • No lock-in contract.
  • From as little as $0.90 per signer.
  • Quick and easy set up; have it up and running in 15 minutes or less. 

No commitment, no credit card needed.

You have nothing to lose!

* All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD)